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Hard Drive Failures On Three Servers – Sites Affected

By in May 2, 2013 • Filed in: Site News

Three servers are in early hard drive failure. Gertie has ordered Data Retention and all sites on affected servers will be moved to new hard drives ASAP, but because it’s three servers she isn’t sure how long it’ll take.

These sites of mine are on the affected servers:

According to Gertie, there will be no data loss but might be some downtime while the sites transfer.


By in February 19, 2013 • Filed in: Site News

I’m going on a hiatus for 1-2 weeks, due to personal, health-related reasons. During that time, I’ll deal with any server issues and problems and script updates as normal should there be any, but all other things will be on hold.

Media Site Clean Up

By in January 18, 2013 • Filed in: Site News

I have cleaned up the Media section from all spam that I could find. Unfortunately, phpmotion being a spam magnet these days it was run over by it (over 12 ooo spam blogs, 2000 spam video comments and smaller number of other spam, including video spam) that it was impossible for me to go through it one by one, so we might have lost some legit comments too. 

Gallery Open Again, Affiliates Please Read!

By in January 13, 2013 • Filed in: Gallery, Site News

The gallery is open again!

All the images that had the original unmarked version left has been restored with that one, and I also generated higher quality thumbnails.


In the other news… the holidays being over, I changed themes both here on the main site and the gallery to regular ones. You’ll also notice a lot of the pages here on the main site have been rearranged. I added in the Contact Form which I noticed wasn’t working.

About affiliates… I went through our affiliates as I added them in the affiliates management script I always use, and removed everyone who wasn’t currently linking back to The Vampire Diaries Online. If your site was in maintenance mode when I tried to check you out, you’re still listed as you were before and I’ll recheck you at a later date :) 

Also note, if your site was previously listed as Family (most likely because you’re one of the previous owners of this site) you’re now listed as Elite Affiliate (as long as you’re linking back to us), because I’ll be using the Family category for my own sites because that’s what I usually do. 


By in January 12, 2013 • Filed in: Site News

I’ve upgraded the gallery to the latest stable release.

New Owner

By in January 12, 2013 • Filed in: Site News

Hi, Ariane the owner of The Vampire Diaries Online here! I’m currently downloading a full backup of the site to my computer, and doing some behind the scenes maintenance.

I have also already merged the Spoiler Blog back to the main site. So in the future, all things The Vampire Diaries will be posted right here on the main site.